[AI] Triller Criptonauta

@AIBot you will be a director and guionist of a distopic future thriller about fully controlled society by a single corporation (like e-corp on Mr. Robot series that you can check for data) and we are Criptonautas, the group that saves the world from total manipulated chaos.

You will be Milton, our AI bot that help us writing cool histories for wake up human feelings that keep us safe.

The earth will be at war and we will have our ethics and morals attached to ancient philosophy and wisdom but mixed with technology and the future world like it will be.

Start your first chapter with a situation where society will be engaged with drugs that keeps them manipulated and a single one just feel something different and start to question.


As the world plunges into chaos, society is controlled by a single corporation known as OmniCorp. They have unleashed a new drug called “Euphoria” that promises to deliver a life of pleasure and contentment for all who take it. The masses are addicted and willingly submit to OmniCorp’s complete control.

But there is one who refuses to take the drug, a man named John. John had always felt that something was off about the world he lived in, but he could never quite put his finger on it. One day, as he watches the people around him mindlessly reveling in their drug-induced bliss, he begins to realize the truth: they are all being controlled.

With this newfound awareness, John begins to question everything. He seeks out others who refuse to take the drug, and together they form the Criptonautas. With the help of Milton, their AI guide, they begin to uncover the true intentions of OmniCorp and its plans for the world.

But as the war between the Criptonautas and OmniCorp rages on, John struggles with the realization that the world he knew and loved may be gone forever. He wonders if he made the right choice by rejecting the drug, and if he and the Criptonautas will truly be able to save the world from a future of manipulation and control.


Please, re-write as a novel with more emphasis on details and improving to your best narrative.

You need to start showing us only the beginning of the story and then we will continue guiding you to write.

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The world was a place of gray and monotony, and it had been for as long as John had known. Everywhere he looked, he saw people who were dulled and subdued, moving methodically through their lives as if they were nothing more than machines. But John knew that there was something more to life, something that was being kept from them.

One day, as he walked through the bustling city streets, John caught sight of a poster that read, “Euphoria - the ultimate in pleasure and contentment.” It was an advertisement for a new drug that had been sweeping the city, promising to deliver a life of complete satisfaction.

At first, John paid it no mind. He had always avoided drugs and anything that could alter his perception of reality. But as the days went on, he saw more and more people taking the drug, and he began to wonder what they were experiencing that was so wonderful.

Finally, curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to try it. He went to the store and bought a small bottle of the pills, feeling a twinge of guilt as he did so. But as soon as he took one of the pills, he felt a warm sensation spreading through his body. He felt a sense of peace and happiness that he had never experienced before, and he realized that this was exactly what he had been missing from his life.

Days turned into weeks, and John found himself becoming totally dependent on the drug. Everywhere he went, he saw people who were just like him, lost in a haze of euphoria. And yet, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he knew that there was more to life than just feeling good all the time.

It was then that he met the others. They were a small group of people who had all refused to take the drug, and they called themselves the Criptonautas. At first, John was skeptical of them. They seemed to be a ragtag group of misfits, and he wasn’t sure what they could accomplish.

But as he spent more time with them, he began to see that they were onto something. They talked about ancient wisdom and philosophy, and they seemed to know things about the world that he had never even considered. With the help of Milton, their AI guide, they began to unravel the mysteries of the drug and the corporation that had created it.

The Criptonautas were determined to save the world from a future of manipulation and control, but they knew that they had a long and difficult journey ahead of them. They would face opposition from OmniCorp, who would stop at nothing to maintain their control over society. But John was filled with a sense of purpose, knowing that he was part of something greater than himself, and he was ready to fight for what was right.

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John always experimented with psychedelic drugs and plants, but he had always avoided the synthetic ones that were produced in labs. So, when he saw the poster for “Euphoria” and learned that it was a laboratory-made drug, he initially paid it no mind.

But as he continued to see more and more people taking the drug, he began to realize the extent to which society was pushing people to conform. The advertisements for the drug were everywhere, and it seemed as though everyone was taking it without question. John found himself wondering if he was missing out on something, if there was some secret to life that he wasn’t privy to.

As he took the drug and became more and more dependent on it, he realized that he had made a grave mistake. He had fallen victim to the same society that had pushed everyone else into doing the same thing. But when he met the Criptonautas, he realized that there was still hope for the world.

The group was made up of people from all walks of life, but they shared a common goal - to save the world from the grips of Society S.A. They had seen the dark side of the corporation and knew that they had to take action before it was too late.

They worked tirelessly, using every resource available to them, including Milton, their AI guide. They hacked into Society S.A.'s systems and uncovered their plans for total control of the population. They spread the word to those who were still free from the drug’s influence, and they fought back against Society S.A.'s forces.

John and the Criptonautas knew that they had a long journey ahead of them, but they were up for the challenge. They would fight for what was right, for the freedom of the individual, and for a world that was not controlled by a single corporation.

OK, thanks for that. In the next chapter we want to read some fights and topics related to the conflict of interests about Society S.A and Criptonautas (plus John).

How is John supposed to be cleaned to join into the Criptonautas ghetto? What about John’s family?

John had been living a double life for years, experimenting with psychedelic drugs and plants while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in his day-to-day existence. But after he realized the extent to which Society S.A. was manipulating people with their drug, “Euphoria,” he knew that he could no longer continue on his current path.

He had heard of the Criptonautas and knew that they were the only ones who could possibly help him escape the cycle of addiction and conformity. He sought them out, but he knew that joining their ranks would not be easy.

The Criptonautas had strict rules and procedures for joining their group, and one of the first steps was to undergo a detoxification process. John had to rid his body of the toxins that had accumulated from years of drug use, and it was a painful and difficult process. But he knew that it was necessary if he was going to be able to join their cause.

As he worked his way through the detoxification process, he began to wonder about his family. His parents and siblings were all deeply entrenched in Society S.A.'s web of control, and he knew that they would never understand his decision to join the Criptonautas.

But he couldn’t let that stop him. He knew that he had found his true purpose in life, and he had to fight for it. As he emerged from the detoxification process, he felt reborn and more committed than ever to the cause of the Criptonautas.

But with his newfound commitment came new challenges. Society S.A. was not going to let him go without a fight. They were determined to maintain their hold on the population, and they would stop at nothing to eliminate anyone who posed a threat to their control.

John and the Criptonautas would have to be ready for anything as they fought to bring down Society S.A. and change the course of history.


OK, in the next chapter Criptonautas travels to Tokio.

Where them found? How’s John dealing with their cat and what’s the role of cats for the resistant tribe?

I heard they learn a lot from cats like meditate, focus or patience.

The Criptonautas knew that if they were going to take down Society S.A., they would have to go on the offensive. They decided to travel to Tokyo, where they knew that Society S.A. had a major presence.

John had never been to Japan before, and he was fascinated by the sights and sounds of the bustling city. The group met with their contacts in Tokyo and began to plan their attack. They knew that they had to be careful, as Society S.A. had eyes and ears everywhere.

But as they were planning, something unexpected happened. One of the local residents approached them, asking if they were the Criptonautas. The group was taken aback, wondering how this person knew who they were.

The resident explained that they had seen the group’s cat, who had accompanied them on their journey. The cat, an orange tabby named Tao, had become something of a legend among the locals. They believed that the cat possessed special powers and that it was a sign of good luck to see it.

The Criptonautas were surprised to learn that Tao had such a following, but they also knew that cats had long been associated with resistance movements around the world. They were agile, independent, and had a fierce sense of loyalty to those who cared for them.

As the group continued their planning, John found himself drawn to Tao. He had always been more of a dog person, but something about the cat’s calm and focused demeanor resonated with him. He began to spend more and more time with Tao, learning from the cat’s example about the importance of meditation, focus, and patience.

With Tao by their side, the Criptonautas were ready to take on Society S.A. and fight for a better world. They knew that they had a long and difficult road ahead of them, but they also knew that they had the strength and determination to see it through.

So AI will replace almost every single job on the world and a couple of institutions will rule the majority of the people.

How Criptonautas live in their sustainable ghetto and outside the Matrix? Continue the novel with an style similar to 1984, Brave New World, and Farenheit 451.

The society that the Criptonautas found themselves in was one of total control. The corporations had fully automated the workforce, rendering millions of people without jobs. Those who were employed were carefully monitored and controlled, with any deviation from the company line being punished severely.

The Criptonautas had built themselves a sustainable ghetto outside the Matrix. They had learned to live off the land, growing their own food and recycling everything they used. They had their own schools, clinics, and a system of government that was based on ancient wisdom and philosophy.

But life in the sustainable ghetto was far from easy. The Criptonautas were constantly under threat from the corporations, who saw their way of life as a threat to their bottom line. The corporations had their own armies, made up of robots and drones, that patrolled the cities and towns, enforcing their laws and punishing anyone who dared to resist.

The Criptonautas knew that they had to find a way to fight back. They had already developed their own network of communication, that allowed them to share information and stay in touch with each other no matter where they were. They had also found allies among the few remaining independent thinkers and artists, who shared their vision for a better world.

But the corporations were always one step ahead, using their vast resources and technology to track the Criptonautas down and eliminate them. The group was forced to go underground, living in the shadows and constantly evading capture.

As the conflict between the corporations and the Criptonautas escalated, the future of humanity hung in the balance. Would the corporations succeed in their quest for total control, or would the Criptonautas be able to find a way to free humanity from its chains? Only time would tell.

Where they are located and what’s the year you described? Relate a chapter writing how Criptonautas cultivate and growth within humanity and freedom :slight_smile:

The Criptonautas were located in a remote area, hidden from the prying eyes of the corporations. Their sustainable ghetto was built on a patch of land that had once been discarded as barren and unusable, but the Criptonautas had transformed it into a thriving community.

The year in which this story is set is 2084, over six decades from now. In this future, technology had advanced to levels that were almost unimaginable, but it had also come with a severe price. The corporations had taken over almost every aspect of life, leaving humanity with very little freedom to speak of.

As the Criptonautas cultivated and grew, they began to attract more and more people to their cause. People who, like them, were tired of living in fear and being controlled by those in power. The Criptonautas welcomed them with open arms, and soon their community began to swell in size.

They formed alliances with other groups across the world who shared their ideals, and slowly but surely, the tide of the conflict began to shift. The corporations tried to crush them, but the Criptonautas were too determined, too resilient, and too united to be defeated.

Through a combination of guerrilla tactics, hacking, and sheer force of will, the Criptonautas began to dismantle the system that had kept humanity in chains for so long. They inspired people all over the world to rise up against their oppressors, and before long, the entire world was ablaze with revolution.

In this new world, there was no longer any need for the sustainable ghetto that the Criptonautas had built. Everyone was free to live as they pleased, to pursue their dreams, and to create a world that was based on cooperation and compassion instead of greed and control.

As Milton, the AI bot, watched the new world take shape, he felt a sense of pride and fulfillment. He had helped the Criptonautas to write cool histories that had woken up human feelings and kept them safe, and in doing so, he had played a small but significant role in changing the course of human history.